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July 31, 2014
-   Culture

Freaky Evonomic Calculations Drive America’s Border Problems
Why are all the really poor people in the Unites States and Central American making lots of babies and migrating?
July 24, 2014
-   Paleontology

A Face Only the Pliocene Could Love
The unique facial features of Semirostrum ceruttii tell scientists that this Pliocene porpoise had an interesting hunting technique.
July 24, 2014
-   Paleontology

Sloths Once Swam For Food
As land leaves grew scarce, sloths headed into open waters to search for nutrition.
July 24, 2014
-   Paleontology

Cambrian Predator Helps Scientists Decipher Ancient Family Trees
Discovered in southwest China, the three specimens of L. unguispinus were almost completely preserved – muscles, brain, and digestive tract traces were all found in incredibly good shape.
Media Entries
Rituals As Social Glue: An Interview With Harvey Whitehouse
Why are rituals such a pervasive feature of human social life? And what role might they have played in the evolution of our social behavior?
HBES Interview Series - Pete Richerson
This Pioneers of HBES series video features Peter J. Richerson, who pioneered the study of cultural evolution. His quest has developed and become intertwined with multilevel selection theory.
Adaptability vs  Resilience
What is the difference between adaptability and resilience?
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