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The Republican Brain, Evolution, and the Political Divide

Jonathan Haidt and Chris Mooney talk about liberal and conservative brains.

On MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes, Chris Mooney and Jonathan Haidt discuss why liberals are more psychologically aligned with science than conservatives are.


Nan McCarry | November 8 7:56 am

It’s great that Jonathan Haidt has had so much exposure this month when we most need to hear him.

I love the fact that not only does he say “we all have to be a little more humble as individuals” in light of what we now know about our how our rational brain goes about confirming what our intuition has already told us—he also models the kind of humble demeanor that he advocates.

I also really like the way Chris Hayes is even willing to examine his own decision to not have climate-denyers on his show! (I’m not a climate-change-denyer—it’s just open-minded and of him to examine his own decision.)

And what a plus to get to see two brilliant iconoclasts, Jonathan Haidt and John McWhorter, on the same platform.

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